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Israel plans to Attack Iran before US Election

US pressure on Israel to attack after election mounting

By Alexander Backman
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CRN®-SEP 6, 2012—Dr. Mike Evans, a Middle East specialist living in Israel says that the US is pressuring Israel to delay their attack against Iran in order to stop its nuclear weapons ambition. In a special interview on World Net Radio on September 4th, Evans revealed the reasons why Obama is pressuring Netanyahu to delay its attack on Iran until spring 2013.

Evans mentioned that top level officials and military brass in Israel as well as former Prime Ministers have confirmed that Israel will attack within that timeframe, even sooner if something happens. “It is all about the election in the US.  Obama does not want the attack to happen before the election,” Evans said in a World Net Radio interview on Sep 3rd.

The Window for the Attack

The attack is being planned for somewhere between de 15th of September through the 15th of October. Dr. Evans pointed out that- “This is on the ground presently. Obviously, something could preempt that. But because of that, Obama is trying to pressure Israel out of the attack because he is afraid that because of that he might not get reelected”, he said. “Israel is trying to get a hard promise from the U.S. that they’ll support an attack,” Evans told WND.

Although the pressure mounted on Netanyahu might be working according to some sources, Evans made it clear that there is one factor that no one has taken into account. That factor is Benjamin Netanyahu’s father who died this year. He mentioned that Netanyahu was very close to his father and that when he died—Evans was there—, “whatever his father told him, that is what he will do.”

Evans described the toughness of Netanyahu and after knowing him for 33 years, he assured that he has the highest IQ of any world leader, a whopping 185 points. Netanyahu is seen by Evans as a man of incredible moral character and stature.

Israel’s Secret Weapon to be Deployed

Information coming from a former Prime Minister to Israel who now works at the International Atomic Agency at the U.N. has confirmed that Israel is planning to use a new secret weapon that it possesses. When asked on the nature of this weapon, Evans replied that although he does not know exactly what it could be, he speculates it could be a cyber-weapon, a super virus, or even an Electromagnetic Weapon or EMP. “It is one of the two,” he stated.

The United States has this weapon as well. Evans was informed that this weapon will be used first to paralyze Iran’s ability to respond to the initial attack from Israel.  Evans said that this weapon will be used before the attack, giving credence to the nature of the weapon. If it’s an EMP attack, it will shut down Iran’s power grid system.

Dr. Jerry Corsi, a Staff Writer for World Net Daily, informed of the existence of this secret weapon that Israel has developed and successfully tested in 2009.

Iran paid Mexican Drug Cartels over 1 billion Dollars to Embed Thousands of Hezbollah Terrorists in the US.

Evans also indicated that he has knowledge that the Mexican drug cartels received over a billion dollars from Iran to insert or embed thousands of Hezbollah terrorists into the US. They have orders that if the US supports Israel’s attack of Iran, then the terrorists would attack asymmetrically by hitting key Jewish population centers in asymmetrical terror.
The reason why Obama is in dire need to have this attack by Netanyahu delayed is because if it happens it would force Iran to close the stretch of Hormuz and begin attacking US bases in the region; something that would in turn force Obama to put on the cap as Commander and Chief and be forced to announce that he would have to deploy ICBMs against these retaliatory targets in the region.

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Dr. Mike Evans is ‘in the know’ when it comes to Israel national security and the man to see in order to get the scoop on the goings on inside the Netanyahu Cabinet. Evans would not just come out and say these things unless authorized by the top-level management. This could be a bluff on behalf of the Israelis in order to show Iran that it is not backing down. However, that is unlikely. On the other hand, which is what I have come to believe, is that Even’s assertion that Israel will attack before the US election is accurate and means we will be seeing a different shaping of the world in a matter of two to six weeks.

Lastly, the mentioning by Evans that the US would be forced into the conflict and having to use its ICBMs to protect its interests in the Middle East if the Iran attack goes as scheduled would paint an even uglier set of events; a quick regionalization of World War Three, open war, the Mother of all Wars and the end of modern human civilization and all its commodities as we know it.


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