Peter The Roman Bertone Officially Takes Throne Of Peter Until Next Pope Elected -- Has All Phones Tapped

The cardinal running the Vatican until the next Pope is chosen has the building wired 


Washington sets stage for Israel’s back-off from demand to shut Fordo

US supports Iran continuing its Nuclear program. betrays the world at Kazahstan meeting.

WND: Campus Psychopaths: 'Stab that baby!' Callous. Sickening. Not funny.
Students perform mock abortions during 'really fun' game - VIDEO BELOW


New bank head has 'nothing to do' with arms trade, Vatican says

Pictures show construction on sensitive Iranian military site

North Korea says nuclear weapons can reach US... Yeah.. more like the Aluetian islands!!!

The Next Cyber War Is Already in Progress: Security Expert -

MEXISTAN: 13 year-old minor accused of murdering 10 people, then released, is ejecuted with other 5 in Zacatecas.

Palin: Washington buying bullets for us 'We're going to default eventually and that's why feds are stockpiling'

Abominable Obama Coming Through Jerusalem King’s Gate Same day YAHSHA Did!

Obama to visit Temple Mount? - Hamas warns of 'diplomatic catastrophe'

Russia's Putin tells army to shape up for foreign threat-


RATZINGERBenedict's reign ends with a promise to obey next pope
(Reuters) - Pope Benedict ended his difficult reign on Thursday pledging unconditional obedience to whoever succeeds him to guide the Roman Catholic Church at one of the most crisis-ridden periods in its 2,000-year history.

Commentary by AB> What reign?, unless he was a king of course. Does this not speak of the usurpers and minions of Nimrod? It is time to go and do away with this evil theocratic criminal monarchy called the Vatican. May their Crimes against Humanity not go unchallenged and may the pay dearly when Final Judgment comes upon them! Thinks of all the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of children that they raped and tortured and killed throughout the years. Now think about Ratzinger covering up for these sick child rapists.

Ratzinger the Nazi, as Susan Sarandon so appropriately defined him, is a coward! He and his former Personal Secretary and homosexual lover Georg Ganswein. They are both cowards and are showing their guilt by hiding out inside the walls of the Vatican. Such impunity! Such abuse! May they all burn in Hell and May Our Holy Father in Heaven unleash His Wrath upon them all!

I found where they will be living if anyone cares to have a look. I did manage to obtain a map where the building is mentioned. Although It does not show on most of the maps for some odd reason- like if it was hidden for some reason. It is east and next to the Radio Vaticana administration building. These are the exact living quarters where this epitomy of a man will spend his last fleshly days. It is a building called Mater Ecclesia or Mother Church.

A second death waits him! Surely it does!

Read Revelation 22:14-16

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

Celebrating a Pope-Free World:
February 28, 2013 - A Great Day in History: The Pope is Gone!
An Urgent Update from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) - Brussels

Mexico union leader Elba Esther Gordillo arrested for stealing 150 million dollars from national teachers union.


Al-Qaida tipsheet on avoiding drones found in Mali

ISRAEL-IRAN: Netanyahu warns: IAEA centrifuge report shows Iran nearing nuclear “red line.” Five questions to ask. | Joel Rosenberg

WORLD WAR Z: Researchers Develop ‘Zombie’ Cells That Can Increase Performance After Death

Found! Iran's secret ballistic missile base

WND has learned of the existence of a secret ballistic missile base in Iran's Semnan Province to which the Islamic regime has moved missiles armed with microbial warheads, now sitting in underground silos ready for launch.

Strategically located, these silos and others hold 170 missiles aimed at this single city alone. But that's not the only target ..

Read the latest now on WND.com

Assad’s troops retreat from Golan, leaving Islamist rebels to confront Israel

Talk Show Host Joyce Riley Interviews Mike Powers Sandy Hook Investigation
GlaxoSmithKline creates monstrous six-in-one vaccine jab specifically for children in developing countries
Russian Scientist Says Immortality Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045 - Read the NASA WAR document www.StopTheCrime.net
U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets | Mail Online
How much more evidence do you need? DHS trains to shoot pregnant women, old men, children with guns
VATICAN: Cardinal abetting pedophiles to attend council to elect the next pope | Original source: LibreRed

RETRONEWS- FROM 2009- Astronomers lose access to asteroid-meteor military data. US military blocks access to satelites

Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.

A new study reveals that common chemicals -- like the ones used in non-stick cookware -- can cause arthritis.
Startling report reveals that the artificial sweetener Splenda is "filling our oceans" with pollution:

Possible meteor reported off the coast of Florida

Breaking News: Exclusive Reports from Canada and Italy issued by ITCCS Central - Brussels

US Muslim Coup from within: FBI RadISLAM expert, Guandolo' claims that CIA chief Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia

“My contention is that [Brennan] is wholly unfit for government service in any national security capacity, and that would specifically make him unfit to be the director of Central Intelligence,” -John Guandolo, Top FBI Islam Expert.

Why the Urals 'asteroid' could very well be a US military weapon as suggested by the Russians. (Dr. Carol Rosin)

Last pope could well be elected on March 17th

Laser system could vaporize dangerous asteroids

Zhirinovsky, the 'looney' Russian MP Denies Meteorite, Claims US Weapons Tests

VIDEO: Fireball in Northern California sky caught on camera may have been a meteor sighting

Over 24,000 Workers Involved in Urals Meteor Blast Cleanup

40 people still in hospital after Russia meteor explosion

Quake shakes central Italy, felt in Rome and Abruzzo.

EGYPT: Over 500 Christian Girls Kidnapped By Muslims in Egypt Since Revolution

Iran: Israel will pay for Lebanon assassination

Khamenei says US couldn't stop Iran getting bomb

‘Iranian nuke chief was in N. Korea for atomic test’

Reuters: North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test - source

North Korea tested long range rocket engine

Syria: Islamists meet Hizballah head-on – take in arms from Bosnia, Kosovo


Pam Geller: Counter-Jihad blogger beheaded in Bangladesh | Original source: NDTV

Seeing Through Walls With a Wireless Router|

CRN® FEB 17 2013- This is the nightmarish potential that the advancements of the techno-fascist so-called SMARTgrid keeps advancing in the chaos-induced police state. Now, you, the average citizen, can be monitored via remote wifi signals coming out from your router to determine your location in your office or home. The WIFI router can be used as a radar to monitor you and your family remotely.

Recommendation: Turn off your router if you are not using it. Go back to Ethernet cables and stop using WIFI. Disable it in the configuration of the modem.

AP: Powerful meteor explosion reported in Cuba (VIDEO)

NEW VIDEO: Meteor Spotted Over Bay Area --IT'S AN ASTEROID

RUSSIAN NUCLEAR BEAR BOMBERS CIRCLE GUAM {breaking} "Officials: Highly Unusual" by Bill Gertz, Free Beacon

NBC: Meteor fireball reported over San Francisco Bay Area — Clearly visible on Doppler radar (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

AP: Alarm about radioactive leak at most contaminated site in U.S. — “We’ve got a problem, this is big” (VIDEO)
NASA: Russian meteor was actually a “tiny asteroid” — Believed to be from belt between Mars and Jupiter
Update: Divers look for “breach on the sea floor” near troubled well in Gulf of Mexico
Radio: Uncontrolled gas flowing from well in Gulf of Mexico — WSJ: Experts trying to stop flow below seafloor
Reports: Official to be fired after saying warnings were issued before meteor fell — Impact site closed off by military wearing special protective suits
INES Level 1 Nuclear Event — Pump incident at Belgian plant
Years in prison for CEO charged with dumping fracking waste? Full tanker trucks of toxic fluid released directly into storm drain — Crews monitoring for radioactivity (VIDEO)
TV: ‘Bigger chunk’ could be coming — Passing over Pacific region in next few hours? — Astrophysicist: “These things generally have originated from something bigger” (VIDEO)
Russia TV: Meteor “could be a little teaser of what’s coming” — 20,000 personnel still on high alert — “This is essentially a giant nuclear facility… 7 plants here produce fuel” (VIDEO)
Iran points finger at Israel for IRGC general’s death, vows revenge
UNPRECEDENTED! ITCCS: Roman Church admits the Pope's Guilt: Joseph Ratzinger to Evade Justice and Hide out in the Vatican for his own legal immunity and "protection"
Meteorite fragments strike Russia-Khazajstan border region, 724 injured, 85 children, important structural damage. ONGOING COVERAGE VIA RUSSIA TV
Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear power plant
NASA WARNS U.N. ON 2013 SPACE WEATHER, EMITS ALERT: The UN Braces for Stormy Space Weather
ITCCS.ORG: BREAKING! NEWS! Pope Benedict to seek immunity and protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23 (English and Spanish)
WND> Corsi> Horn: 'Final pope' already running Vatican? - Benedict might have 'stacked deck' in fulfillment of prophecy
ITCCS.ORG> Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter
Warrantless Border Searches Extend to Mobile Devices: DHS
FUKUSHIMA Record numbers of sickened sea lion pups in So. California — “Something has changed” —
“We are prepping in the back of our heads for the worst case scenario” (VIDEOS)
Acapulco Mexico: Six Spanish tourists raped by gunmen in Mexico, authorities say
Acapulco rape case draws support for suspects
Acapulco Mexico: Considered the second most dangerous city among 50 surveyed worldwide.
Extinction-Level Super Volcano Growing In The Pacific, Unfortunately
Two Africans Among Likely Candidates for Next Pope
White House: North Korea nuclear test 'highly provocative'- Japan threatens to go nuclear after Pyongyang UGD Nuke detonation.

North Korean Atomic Bomb test triggers. 5.1° quake

UN monitors see arms reaching Somalia from Yemen, Iran
US Navy Sailors Showing Cancers, Tumors, Brain Lesions
San Onofre: They lied to the NRC. Nuclear Plant poses a danger to the population, should be shut down.
Over 700 children develop narcolepsy after getting H1N1 swine flu shot
Iran Institutes New Punishment: Public Amputations
Iran has begun implementing public amputations as punishment for criminals, in accordance with a court ruling.
Pope's mission to revive faith clouded by scandal *Yes, he protects child rapists worldwide.
Pedophile-protector and Pope sudden resignation sends shockwaves through Church
Iran gives stealth drone secrets to Russia Regime releases aerial video decoded from captured U.S. craft
US withdrawal from Europe-based missile shield will impact Israel’s defense


Source: 'C-4' caused the explosion in the building of PEMEX

• PEMEX Employee reveals that C4 explosives were used in the blast.
• consistent Shockwave to a detonation.
• There are many more missing persons than the official version.
• There is already talk of demolishing the 13-story building.

Bomb Threat in PEMEX Tower after explosion, government response and foreign agencies, Signs of a terrorist attack?
37 killed, wounded +126, are missing

Reza Kahlili> 'Panicked' Iran makes power move after nuke-site loss

Breaking News: Explosion in front of U.S. Embassy in Ankara, several people wounded: Turkish TV

New York Times says targeted by China hackers after Wen report

Explosion at Mexico City Pemex Tower offices kills 25, 101 injured - WTC 1993 MO being investigated-
Military cordons the area- Possible Act of Terrorism
- Ministry of Interior does not want to say event was 'Act of terror'