Obama skips action on Iran in Democratic Convention speech
Deputy US Armed Forces chief visits IDF
Canada suspends relations with Tehran, expels Iranian diplomats
US Rep. Mike Rogers: Israel will strike Iran soon unless US commits to the job
WP: Syria’s chemical arsenal bigger, more scattered than suspected

OMINOUS: Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery

COMMUNIST INVASION OF AMERICA: China Now Using a Cruise Ship 'Covertly' to Haul Troops and Tanks

IMAGE OF THE WEEK- The Two men, Los Dos Hombres

Decoded by Alexander Backman

AMLOOBAMACRN® SEP 07-2012- Look at the comparison Alexander Backman made of both the leftist, progressive, Marxist, communist, prolesbic, prohomosexual, proabortion, tolerant; ecumenist, proAgenda 21, socialist, fascist presidential candidates of the Usurped States of Amerika Barack H Obama and Mexican Presidential loser Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). The resemblance is uncanny. Both Obama and AMLO promise the same things: 'you are change', 'tu eres el el cambio'. Both are using the same literal slogans for both their campaigns. What are the odds of this happening? To the untrained stupid eye of the average robotized citizen, this is just another one of those coinkidinks. But no! This is the same agenda, just different puppet and the same puppet masters. Hardline communists masquerading as zionist banksters out of Moscow.

In Mexico a revolution is abrewin' before December 1st! Since AMLO, the communist baby-killer in Mexico lost the election through clear an evident fraud, putting Enrique Peña Nieto as the declared and official winner and scheduled to take power on December 1st, AMLO and all of the leftist youth movements, including the newly formed Mexican Springers known as #YOSOY132, have declared and called for national civil disobedience based on the Gene Sharp CIA-sponsored model of peaceful resistance and revolution. A model that Hillary Clinton very much allowed to be used in Cairo with the toppling of Mubarak and in Lybia with Qaddafi.

AMLO SOLMuch like the communist-financed Occupy movements in the US and the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda political spin-offs in Tunisa, Egypt and now Syria, AMLO is vowing for a full revolt by the end of the year. This makes one think that all this was planned well beforehand in order to homogenize and align Mexico with the communist takeover at a continental level. Not contrived at all when one factors in the image by Alexander Backman. Even the letter ‘O’ between the two is the same. The rising sun of Osiris is their emblem, Satan ascended, the Dark Knight Rising, the return of Islam and Communism in a New World Order communist state. And one last thing, Alex Backman proved that AMLO is a Master Mason of the red line, just like Mr. Barry Soetero himself. It is unbelievable that the average citizen is so fooled and controlled by the Orwellian lamestream media. Independent journalist Larry Taylor is right after all when he said, ‘people are just too damn stupid to see what is going on.’  Americans and Mexicans are getting what has been coming due to their ignorance. Our Lord Jesus Christ even said it in Hosea  4:6, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

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MEXISTAN: Attack on US embassy vehicle was an accident, says MEXGOV

1CRN® SEP 05 2012- In what appears to be a downplay and stupid form of trying to appease 'the gringos' from taking diplomatic or a more direct form of action after an all-out ambush of an official diplomatic vehicle belonging to the United States. The attack was conducted by Mexico's corrupt Federal Police by orders of a drug cartel leader who was being investigated by the CIA at the time. Now, the Mexico government came out and said that it was an accidental event.

Two confirmed CIA agents working under the cover of being DEA were wounded when their armored vehicle was targeted and practically destroyed by the Mexican Federal Police on August 24 in the small town of Tres Marias, south of Mexico City in the State of Morelos.

Proceso had originally reported its 1869 issue that, according to a national security insider it has feeding them information within the Mexican Federal Government, that the American agents were investigating Hector Beltran Leyva's location. They even had a member of the crime boss in the vehicle at the time.

Just a week ago, another American embassy vehicle was destroyed in Pakistan by a suicide bomber killing two American Diplomats. Mexico and Pakistan are becoming synonymous in so many ways; ergo the term MEXISTAN, originally coined by Mexican journalist and researcher Alexander Backman in 2010.

Reference: Yahoo/AP article here.

You can read the proceso article translated in its entirety HERE (pictured below)

Picture Caption: Armed American CIA agent present at the place after the ambush in Tres Marias. Source: Eduardo miranda, Proceso

usambushcover1CRN® SPECIAL REPORT- MEXISTAN: DEA, presumably involved, in Mexico US-Embassy-Truck Ambush

Abstract: A comprehensive and cohesive analysis including never-before released human intelligence on the current Latin American theater of operations with regard to the Communist Invasion of America (CIA) via the ‘Unholy Alliance of Nations' (UAN) made up of North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Vietnam and Venezuela. This document includes important information that needs to be taken seriously for the security of North America and the world.




EUROPA HARLOT BEASTRemember the Harlot that rides the beast in the Book of Revelation? 

The name "Europe" deciphers that prophecy: Europa is a pagan goddess from the island Crete that rides a beast in ancient Greek mythology. This pagan beast riding goddess supposedly founded Europe according to the myth. The Europa myth is part complex masonic myth that started with the Elohim landing in Mt. Hermon Northern Israel, and progressed to a complex relationship between masonic portal lay lines on the 33rd degree, the Pyramids and ancient advanced civilizations, and portal lay line energies that the masons manipulate in their rituals with the help satan and his fallen angels, in order to bring the end times in.

The harlot in Revelation IS Europe, Rome. The Beast is ISLAM. And what exactly is the beast? The Antichrist Mahdi, the ascended masters, aliens, the Antipope and false prophet and soldiers who will control the 7 hills of Rome, Mystery Babylon, which controls the world.

What will the Mahdi do? He will introduce a new religion, a new one world form of Islamic/Jewish religion with the help of the ascended masters.

Who will clap for this false messiah? The Jews, Muslims, and pagans. Who will suffer? Catholics and Christians.

The UN symbol is a woman riding a bull.


By Conciencia Radio


CRN®- AUG 24-2012-  On August 23rd,  2012, we decided to sit down with Mexican broadcaster, speaker and journalist Alexander Backman to know his point of view on the recent Le Monde article titled ‘Mexique, la spirale de la barbarie’, which criticizes the Mexican Drug War that has left, according to recent official statistics, 120,000 dead in the last six years and not 50,000 as previously thought. This exclusive and highly sought interview is in response to the aforementioned Le Monde article. It also covers other pressuring issues that we managed to address like the political scenarios for Mexico int he near future, the new student movements, the world elite, the criminal insurgency and more.



MEXISTAN: Mexico catches Gulf Cartel leader - Mexican Marine source

Captura Semar a Mario Cárdenas Guillén

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican marines have caught the leader of the country's Gulf Cartel, Mario Cardenas, in one of the highest-profile arrests in months in President Felipe Calderon's war on drug gangs, a senior marine source said on Tuesday.

Cardenas, who has run the cartel since his brother, former leader Antonio Cardenas or "Tony Tormenta," was killed in a 2010 gunfight with the Mexican government, was captured in the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas on Monday, the source told Reuters.

The Gulf Cartel's power has waned in recent years in a feud with Mexico's most brutal gang, the Zetas, which began life providing protection to its operations in north-eastern Mexico.

(Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz; Writing by Gabriel Stargardter; Editing by Simon Gardner and Christopher Wilson)

DEBKA: US CIA chief Petraeus arrives Monday to cool Israeli ire

DEBKA: Slashed US military input shortens Israel’s notice of Iranian missile launch

DEBKA: US turns its back on Israel over Iran strike: No weapons or military backup

USA HITMAN: Secret Forces to be Used Against American Citizens?

New DHS Informant Leaks a Shocker: Spetsnaz are here

CIA=COMMUNIST INVASION OF AMERICA: Russian Troops Welcomed Into NORAD, America’s Cold War HQ

MOSCOW TIMES: Russian Military Sends Experts to U.S. for Joint Training Exercises





MEXISTAN:US Diplomatic SUV Ambushed by Mexican 'Federales' near Cuernavaca, no Reason Given, Third vehicle involved, 2 Americans Injured

Original Source in Spanish APRO: (Proceso Agency)
Human translation by Alexander Backman


CHILPANCINGO. Gro., (proceso.com.mx). - An attack mounted by a group of armed men and agents of the Federal Police against diplomatic personnel of the embassy of the United States that moved in a light truck armored on the Cuernavaca-Mexico freeway left at least three hurt in the vicinity of the municipality of Huitzilac, in the state of Morelos.

The aggression was reported to 08:30 hours between kilometers 47 and 50 of this federal route, when American embassy personnel on board traveling in an armored Toyota truck, plate number BCM-242 plates, accompanied by two Marine infants, say official reports.

According to the preliminary reports, in the first instance,  a group of armed civilians would have attacked the armored truck, in spite of this, they escaped as quickly as possible; later, the American diplomats arrived to a PF checkpoint, from where they (the ‘federales’) began shooting at them.

The intensity of the weapon-fire by the federals not only stopped the truck, but perforated the armor and wounded two passengers from the embassy of the United States, according to what such reports consulted by Apro indicate.

Until now, no one knows on the identity of the persons wounded, nevertheless, in the vehicle two infants of the Mexican Navy were traveling and an undetermined number of civilian employees from the US Embassy.

The injured parties are a marine and two North American agents identified with the names of Jess Hoods and Stan Dove Boss.

According to other news agencies that were consulted, the place of the attack is secured by the Navy and the federal agents who participated in the aggression remain at the location.